For a cautionary tale of what could happen if you make your subway system too complex, you might want to read the classic science fiction. A SUBWAY NAMED MOBIUS. BY A. I. DEUTSCH. At Park Street you get off the surface car underground and walk downivard to get on the. A.J. Deutsch – A Subway Named Mobius – Download as Word Doc .doc /.docx), PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online.

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He served as associate editor for the Annual Review of Astronomy and Astrophysics prior to Liam Proven rated it did not like it Aug 11, This differentially theoretical phenomenon, named after its discoverer A. Then the first train disappeared.

Dima rated it liked it Nov 02, I do remember that when I read it as a young teen I’m now in my mid 40s I thought it was a very good story, and it introduced me to the unusual world of topology. Deutsch and actualize the following idea: The mathematics in this story is not always accurate. The only conjecture no proof I have is that the first partial turn always reduces n sides to one.

It was so complex, in fact, that the best mathematicians could not calculate its connectivity. I can’t recall any particular details of the story, except the main plot. Maybe the author is confusing the “twisting” required to make these objects from two-sided 2-dimensional objects with singularity.

To see the entire list or to see more works of mathematical fiction, return to the Homepage. Is he once again trying to escape in the underground anmed millions? Where was the train? I am not well-versed enough in mathematics to pass serious judgement on that aspect of the tale, but it DID introduce me to topology and I’ve found what little study I’ve made of it fascinating, so I’ve always been thankful to the author for that!


As for that lofty smart aleck who finds the s-f field mediocre, he should really get to know it better–Asimov, Clarke, le Guin, Ellison, Subay, Russ, Delaney, Dick, Heinlein, etc etc etc?

The subway under New York City had been growing in complexity for years.

Contributed by Fritz I did a science fair project on Mobius strips back in Contributed by Rich I keep re-discovering this story in anthologies every 15 or 20 years.

Contributed by walter leight “I read this story when it first came out — more than a half century ago — and recalled it in a conversation today, leading me to this web site and an opportunity to vote. I would surmise that the problem has been investigated by minds more skilled in these matters than mine! Contributed by Anonymous Read this story a long ago, but just the fact I still remember it means that it really can leave an impression. Behnam rated it it was ok May 24, Escher in wood but has also animated the writer Esher to follow the nine ants of his namesake.

A Subway Named Moebius

Since nqmed date of this fantasy wasthe thought mmobius occurred to me that Deutsch might have been inspired by the “MTA Song”, created for the Boston mayoral campaign of Walter O’Brien, who ran as a Progressive Party candidate.

It led me to learn some topology, and I was amazed. Contributed by J Judson I probably still have the original magazine in the attic. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. David rated it it was amazing Apr 11, Apr 22, Daniele rated it it was amazing. Lists with This Book.

Deutsch, —was an American astronomer and a science fiction writer. Contributed by John Mitchell Very much my favourite sci-fi short story ever. They are being chased but finally manage to escape. This is just one work of mathematical fiction from the list. Contributed by Jack Gjovaag Suspend belief and ignore the mathematical flubs and it is an interesting science fiction story, about as good as most in this typically mediocre genre.


After a wooden subway got cinematically lost inside the subway system of Buenos Aires, it is now up to No. When the MBTA Boston’s Public Transportation authority introduces a new line, the topology of the network become so complex that a train vanishes Both of the two Berlin film-makers have realized that one cannot get anywhere with this paradox using the five senses and a classical conservative world view.

The Wall of Darkness by Arthur C. Matthew rated it really liked it Jul 11, What happened to the passengers? Post was not sent – check your email addresses! I’d like to re-read it from an adult point of view, if I could find it again.

Susana rated it it was amazing Sep 27, Hugo Gomez rated it really liked it Jul 02, Open Preview See a Problem?

A Subway Named Moebius by A.J. Deutsch

Contributed by Fred Mobbius Read this as a kid and loved it at the time. The special Graffiti commission, special forces, and computer experts begin to chase. Are you looking for a book or story that might be useful for the students in your math class? Contributed by Anonymous This is a good story that makes crucial and proper use of math in a way that does not require much expertise from the reader.

Trying to get a picture of his rolling canvas, he has to face a labyrinth of subway lines crossing each other, connections, quotations, fantastic observations, and paradoxical indications.