Infamous Egyptian sorcerer al-Toukhi wrote more than 30 books on magick, astrology, geomancy, and spirit evocation. Red Magick was one of. : Red Magick: Grimoire of Djinn Spells and Sorceries: pages. Dimensions: in. x in. x us Egyptian sorcerer al-Toukhi wrote. Buy Red Magick by Egyptian Sorcerer Al-Toukhi, Al-Toukhi from Waterstones today! Click and Collect from your local Waterstones or get FREE UK delivery on .

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This is followed by about 18 spells that are applied to the invocation and its rebuke for causing love, invisibility, burning someones home down and other typical sorcery applications.

Red Magick: Grimoire of Djinn Spells and Sorceries – Livros na Amazon Brasil-

Nineveh Shadrach introduces the public to this kind of Magic via his Magic that Works. On November 17, at 9: Where are the original manuscripts of “Red Magick” held? A background in Arabic traditions will for sure help to appraise and understand the contents of this book as it exemplifies the practical side of the traditional middle eastern charming traditions.

I was looking forward to this book, but it was not quite what I thought it would be like. I came across this book a few weeks ago while doing some research on the Jinn. Seja o primeiro a avaliar este item. Thanks for posting this Dan! Fair enough, but how so? The different workings presented is partly similar to the transmissions found within Marabout Tariqas in the Northern Africa by virtue of its seals and spells.

I will look into, now that I am aware that Gonce is involved. Studio Arcanis Hic rer Spiritus quos volet, cuiuscunq ordinis sunt.


Red Magick takes its name from the Red King of toukui Jinn and focuses on works of sexual arousal and domination and works of destruction and conquering all obstacles in one’s path.

Infamous Egyptian sorcerer al-Toukhi wrote more than 30 books on magick, astrology, geomancy, and spirit evocation. I know their grimoires are largely criticised for not having a bibliographic apparatus, but i for one find that refreshing, urging the reader to do his own research. Hi abdu saleh, i am really interested in the works of Hazrat Tukhi and if you have been his student is it possible to mxgick with you?

Red Magick: Grimoire of Djinn Spells and Sorceries

Not to mention your work saved me from maguck to buy tons of different books and a lot of time sifting through material to find information on Oberon. Account Options Sign in. There are a number of terms given in both English and Arabic which will be helpful for reference. Rastreie seus pedidos recentes. Who is Hotan A He compiled many power-house methods of sorcery from the archives of his manuscript collection and from the manuscripts preserved in Egyptian libraries. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Wed Jul 02, Practitioners of witchcraft, sorcery, practical ded, voodoo, and other spell-based arts can find inspiration and techniques to take them to the next level of causing reality to conform to their will.

Nothing in the western hemisphere can compare to this. Some spells refer to characteres, those line-and-loop designs that have passed down from antiquity, but most writing is of holy names, passages from the Koran, and magical squares of various designs.


What makes this book even worse is the outrageous cost! Alternate translations for terms? Even if the publisher did not want to invest in answering the above questions surely there must be academic references to guide the interested student. Notify me of new comments via email. On March 2, at 8: No registered users and 1 guest. Pages About Abramelin Contents: When and sl did he live?

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Red Magick: Grimoire of Djinn Spells and Sorceries by Al-Toukhi, Egyptian Sorcerer; Al-Toukhi

Red Magick is a book for sorcerers looking for results at all costs. For those interested in academic research of the esoteric we live in bountiful times. For the illustrations – are any produced in color in the original? Use at your own discretion.

No eBook available Amazon. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. Infamous Egyptian sorcerer al-Toukhi wrote more than 30 books on magick, astrology, geomancy, and spirit evocation. If you want ancient magic from the oldest civilization on the earth,The triangular culture,Egypt,Saudi arabia,and Iraq.

Who is online Users browsing this forum: The cover illustration is very good and the internal illustrations are crisp.