Métaphysique des tubes has ratings and reviews. Lucas said: Hasta el momento, y finalizada mi segunda lectura, este es el texto que más disfrut. The NOOK Book (eBook) of the Métaphysique des tubes (The Character of Rain) by Amélie Nothomb at Barnes & Noble. FREE Shipping on. : Metaphysique des Tubes (English and French Edition) ( ) by Amelie Nothomb and a great selection of similar New, Used and.

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The Character of Rain (Métaphysique des tubes) – Amélie Nothomb

Most fascinating to the narrator is the discovery of water in oceans, seas, pools, puddles, streams, ponds, and, rain – one meaning of the Japanese character for her name and a symbol of her amphibious life.

Trying metaphjsique meet all your book preview and review needs. As the blurb metaphywique, the book looks at the Japanese notion of okosamaor the Lord Child, a piece of lore where children are revered as Gods until they are three.

It is not a bad existence: The Character of Rain – US.

There, she reportedly felt as much a stranger as everywhere else. The few drops of genuine insight are lost in a sea of pretentious waffle. This sweet taste awakens something within.

It is occasionally engaging and sometimes witty, but is spoiled by numerous pseudo-philosophical musings. It is supposed to be a baby, but it really is little more than a tube, lying inertly, never crying, never moving. View all 8 comments. Nov 19, Ariane Brosseau rated it really liked it. Intimations of our own mortality indeed, wide open mouths and a tube of throat and gullet straight to our stomachs.


She screams all day and gets tantrums as if she must catch up on the time she lost as a ‘plant’. Sadly, the four and a half is now rounded down to four. Writers create worlds in their books.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. An auto biographical account of one’s infancy? Speravo da tantissimo tempo di leggere qualcosa della Nothombe e ora sono soddisfatta della lettura terminata. A book of tubal metaphysics? Esta diferencia tiene ameliw nombre: Es maravillosa y siempre me sorprende.

Then, amidst such annoying writing is the odd gem: Or we love them in the same way as before. A tre anni si vorrebbe sapere quante rondini occorrono prima di poter credere in qualcosa. En el fondo somos criaturas con miedo.

Conecto demasiado con ella. To view it, click here. Esta escritora tiene una habilidad gigantesca como para poder crear algo tan original.

These supposed pearls of wisdom include the following: All God does at this early stage is indifferently ingest, digest, and excrete: From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Her father, who has a baffling job Belgian consul in Osaka turns out also to be the only Western practitioner of the art of singing No having inadvertently stumbled into tkbes this ancient Japanese art.

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Whoever looks at something has decided to fix his attention on that one thing, to the exclusion of other things. What a charming way for an author to address her readers. Mais ce tube, c’est Dieu. Literature portal Belgium portal. The Japanese believe that until the age of three, children, whether Japanese or not, are gods, each tubss an okosama, or “lord child.


Amélie Nothomb

No point in remembering your past mistakes, then? I metaphyique both the protagonist and myself had the same feeling on feeding them for the first time where they crowd up, pushing pushing, to the side of the pond and in their mindless, greedy way open their maws for the crumbs thrown at them.

Amelie Nothomb has created in her books a world in which a little child in “The Character of Rain” the narrator is Amelie herself at the age between two and three is fully developed intellectually and emotionally, able to manipulates her parents, reads, and speaks two languages.

Se trata de una historia tan fascinante, desde mi punto de vista. She also taught herself to read before the metaphysiqu of three without anyone else realising.

Worth a snifter for the uninitiated. Had I not read “Loving Sabotage” earlier, I would have rated this novel with five stars. The Character of Rain – UK.