Dragondrums by Anne McCaffrey – As Menolly uncovers magic and intrigue, mischievous Piemur discovers the rhythm of adventure in the final book in the. Dragondrums is the third book of the Harper Hall Trilogy in the Dragonriders of Pern series by Anne McCaffrey. Dragondrums was first published by Atheneum in. Dragondrums by Anne McCaffrey, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide.

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Harper Hall of Pern 3 books.


Removing his drudge disguise, Piemur goes and hides until he can leave with those visiting Nabol Hold. Dragonsong had added something new to the world by letting us see the life in a sea hold, and Dragonsinger built up the lifestyle of the craftsholders, but Dragondrums only gives the briefest introduction to a new place, opting to tantalize the reader by ddagondrums future books rather than satisfying us in this one.

Once again, I had to remind myself that these are not romance novels. Not just because I want to though I do indeed want tobut because the sense of story in the first two books flowed with a confidence utterly lacking in this final one.

To mccsffrey what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. I have no idea why Piemur wants to stay, nor do I think his motivations Now this – this is interesting, because it’s so clearly a book meant to be read with information from other books in mccwffrey series, information that the first two Harper Hall books don’t have.

This story follows one of the supporting characters from Dragonsinger through his coming of age.

Each Pern novel can be read as a stand alone, but Dragondrums is the third book in the Harper Hall trilogy so if you want to read the books in the order, head over to Dragonsong book 1 and Dragonsinger book 2.

This is a good story and I can’t help but like Piemur who has a big heart.

He ends up in the Southern Continent with a fire lizard queen that he impresses. Other books in the series. Visit our Beautiful Books page and find lovely books for kids, photography lovers and more. Dragonriders of Pern video game Dragonriders: The only good thing I can find is the fact that, through the story of the central character, we are following some interesting developments like the further maturation dragndrums Menolly, beyond that could not find anything interesting.


Villains continue to be wholly villainous, dgagondrums the narrative again is one of the completely honorable and good people versus the utterly despicable and beastly ones.

Its entertaining reading about the situations he manages to get himself into and out of. I thought this was inappropriate since this was targeted at younger audiences.

I have no idea why Piemur wants to stay, nor do I think his motivations are adequately addressed. Taking place three turns after the events of DragonsingerDragondrums opens with Piemur ‘s voice breaking as he prepares to sing the soprano role in a song recently written by Master Domick about Lessa ‘s journey to retrieve the Oldtimers.

View all 4 comments. He has one of the most impressive voices at Harper Hall and, in the world of Pern, there are few things more important than the ability to sing and write songs. Le Guin tactic – the rules of her world give a reason for this happening. One green hatchling hasn’t Impressed as the Hatching draws to a close, and it begins climbing the stairs to the stands.

Silvina notices grease on Piemur’s shoe, proving his story, and Dirzan is punished for letting things get out of hand. Retrieved from ” http: Piemur won me over however and I thoroughly enjoyed this book.

Being so moved by this strange to me book, I decided to write Anne, never expecting to hear back, but sure enough, a great little handwritten letter found it’s way into my parent’s mailbox a This was one of my first “adult” fantasy books and I LOVED it! Out of the three books, this one is the best even though the main character switches from Menolly to her best friend.

Dragondrums by Anne McCaffrey [electronic resource] – Version details – Trove

Goodreads is the world’s largest site for readers with over 50 million reviews. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. A Million More Pages: Hope to review all of these books individually in time but I want to devote the proper attention to it and with my two little monkeys–climbing around that would be difficult!


From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. I wanted to watch Menolly and Sebell develop their relationship! Sign up and get a free eBook! First Fall The P. I was expecting to read a continuation of the story of our dear Menolly but curiously the author chose to leave it aside and tell us the story of a less interesting character. When his voice breaks, Piemur needs to find his new place in the world.

I enjoyed this conclusion to the Harper Hall Trilogy despite the fact that Menolly isn’t the main character.

Dragondrums : Anne McCaffrey :

Next is the text detailing the details of the plot. Really makes you feel for Piemur as mccaffrwy tries to find his place as his whole world collapses around his ears, and the journey with him is particularly rewarding when he finds his own purpose.

But I quickly got over my disappointment as I was taken into Piemur’s world. One day, Menolly comes to get Piemur, telling him they will be attending a Gather at Igen Holdwhere he will be disguised as a scruffy apprentice wnne listen out for any conversations involving the Oldtimers. I felt that more could have been done with the book and characters which left overall a little dissatified with the series.

Although he had planned to head for Southern Hold once the egg hatched, his discovery of an injured runner, which he decides to care for, means he is forced to shelter until it heals. We do get some updates on Menolly, but she’s older and established within the Hall hierarchy, and McCaffrey’s decided to explore other bits of the Pern landscape using Piemur instead.

This moves it out from a children’s book to a young adult one in my estimation. Not long after, they arrive at Dtagondrums Hold, where they talk with Toric about recent events and Piemur. The Masterharper takes him and ha This book follows Piemur.