CHAPTER ONE. The Masterharper of Pern. By ANNE MCCAFFREY Del Rey. His parents were busy packing for their trip to Nerat, so Robinton had been told to. The mostly melancholy early life of Robinton anchors this quiet installment of Pernese history, set just before the opening of Dragonflight, the first novel in the. NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER • “At last, Robinton has his own book McCaffrey adds another absorbing chapter to dragon lore Readers.

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If you are a long time fan, dust off the cobwebs and try to remember all that has happened, that will happen again. Do yourself a favor, pretend the Pern series ends after Dragonsdawn. The people in the Harper Hall pretty much all raise him. F’lon visits in the second year of Robinton’s apprenticeship, and offers him a ride anytime he needs one.

The last doesn’t really make up for the intense grief. Without those I think this book would have less of an impact and not be a great standalone read. What is yours, little one? Just to cram his wonderfulness down our throat even more, McCaffrey adds daddy issues.

The Masterharper of Pern

Magic Kingdom for Sale – Sold! He realized that he didn’t really want to know if his friends had heard the dragon, too. Mar 28, Lila Diller rated it liked it Shelves: The next turn, Melongel becomes fatally injured when his runner – found to be poisoned nccaffrey falls on him. During his three Turns teaching at High Reaches – some of which are spent traveling to minor holds – Robinton continues to compose, and meets Faxa nephew of Mccaffey Faroguywho takes an instant disliking to him.

Vendross and Harper Falawny are his mentors. Fellis is a pain reliever made from a plant. Glitch 2 And the most glaring. How to write a great review.


Fax makes his first appearance and becomes an increasing menace, land grabbing and turning the resident farmers into refugees. Contents [ show ]. Then there’s the pointless marriage that’s only there to add some tragedy to Robinton’s life as if this mccaffrfy job disguised as a novel wasn’t tragedy enough.

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Changing into the clothing of Fax’s guards, Robinton witnesses Lady Gemma go into labor, and F’lar duel Fax, killing him – also finding that Lessathe daughter of Lord Kale, is in fact alive and posing as a drudge. The Story Too many no longer believe Thread will fall and Harpers are falling into disrepute, derided, attacked, even beaten.

G’ranad was the previous Weyrleader. My Take This one is a biography which provides mqsterharper background for the three primary stories of the Pern series: She seemed to have a pretty good grip on his timeline.

But those are few you to read.

The Masterharper of Pern | Pern Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

After that he heard them a couple more times, but only when they contacted him directly. I think Marlifin is an artist. The girls are sent out to find husbands, which is a bit of a comedown from the crew who came in with Dragonsdawn1. McCaffrey wanted to introduce the characters of Dragonflight. Lists with This Book. Fear grips the continent as society begins a slow, downward spiral.

She married in and had three children: You’ve successfully reported this review. For those new to the series, get the chronological list.

Those boys who are of the Blood have the chance to become the Lord Holder when the current Lord dies because the Conclave votes in the heir they believe will be the best ruler.

Why break with the world-building for this book? Master Gorazde teaches drums. I loved his character in the other books, and therefor was looking forward to read more about him.


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Until the other reviewers mentioned them. This article is a stub. Good reading if, like me, you always want to know more about the background of the characters in a story.

Lord Ashmichel is its holder; Lady Adessa is his wife. Most major characters bear no resemblance to the people they are later in the series, in ways that no character development could account for. Oh and while I’m thinking of it, McCaffrey rips off Menolly’s table-walking scene at the end of Dragonsinger for Robinton’s own promotion to journeyman. MasterSinger Merelan and Harper Petiron were a brilliant and devoted couple. He opened his mouth to say that he’d be happy to talk to Pen any time, when he saw his mother raise her finger in her signal for him to be silent and noticed the deepening scowl on his father’s face.

It tells of his childhood, loved by his mother but ignored by his father who fails to appreciate his musical abilities. Rereading this just emphasized that fact. Please try again later. Domick is another promising new apprentice. Robinton is a major character found in the first few Pern mcfaffrey and any story that takes place in the Ninth Pass timeline of Pern.

I mean, the final chapter of the book is literally the first chapter of Dragonflight, but told from a different perspective – from someone we didn’t even know was there! I like the Harpers of Pern and their role in keeping tradition alive and their role as educators.