ASTM F814-83 PDF

ASTM F814-83 PDF

A Withdrawn Specification for Seamless Carbon Steel Boiler Tubes FB Test Method for Specific Optical Density of Smoke Generated by. Test according to ASTM E Standard Test 6, 28, 2 3. Specific optical density. 0, 1, 0, 2, 1, 8, 3, 7, Astm F 83 Pdf 13 DOWNLOAD. washer must be held between two inch ( 13 mm) nuts that are adjusted to tightly. (ASTM) Standard Test Method ASTM.

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Polycarbonate-polysiloxane copolymers, methods for the preparation thereof, and articles derived therefrom. The composition of claim 5 wherein the asmt polycarbonate is derived from bisphenol A and formula 2 and wherein formula 2 has the formula. In another embodiment, an effective amount of phase transfer catalyst can be 0.

In a specific embodiment, R is each the same and is a methyl group. The presence of titanium dioxide further increases the density of the compositions as illustrated in Table 6.

Various endcaps can be present, for example polycarbonates having phenol endcaps or 2,4,6-tribromophenol endcaps can be used. The specific brominated oligomer and the amount of brominated oligomer are selected to provide at least 7. In an embodiment, D is a Asmt alkylene having a straight chain, branched chain, or cyclic including polycyclic formula. The compositions prepared on the 30 mm WP twin screw extruder wstm made as follows. Yeljarre replied 34 weeks ago.

The composition of claim 1f81-483 the composition is substantially free of a fluorinated polyolefin encapsulated by poly styrene-acrylonitrile. In another example, the aircraft manufacturer Airbus has smoke density and other safety asmt set forth in ABD The composition of claim 1wherein the E smoke test Dmax has a value of less than when tested at a thickness of 1.

Brominated flame retardant additives, however, cause an increase in smoke when the sheet compositions are ignited. When k is 3 and i is 0, bisphenols containing substituted or unsubstituted cyclohexane units are used, for example bisphenols of formula This application is a divisional of U. This result illustrates once again that the presence of siloxane in the blend is necessary to achieve consistent smoke performance pass xstm.

Combinations comprising at least one of the foregoing dihydroxy aromatic compounds can also be used.


Astm F 83 Pdf 13

In another embodiment, when each of A 1 and A 2 is phenylene, Y 1 is para to each of the hydroxyl groups on the phenylenes. There is considerable overlap among these types of materials, which include phthalic acid esters such as dioctyl-4,5-epoxy-hexahydrophthalate; tris- octoxycarbonylethyl isocyanurate; tristearin; di- or polyfunctional aromatic phosphates such as resorcinol tetraphenyl diphosphate RDPthe bis diphenyl phosphate of hydroquinone and the bis diphenyl phosphate of bisphenol A; poly-alpha-olefins; epoxidized soybean oil; silicones, including silicone oils; esters, for example, fatty acid esters such as alkyl stearyl esters, e.

While the invention has been described with reference to embodiments, it will be understood by those skilled in the art that various changes can be made and equivalents can be substituted for elements thereof without departing from the scope of the invention.

The first, second, optional third, and optional additional polycarbonates, as well as the TBBPA copolymer and brominated polycarbonate oligomer have repeating structural carbonate units asfm formula The poly siloxane copolymers can differ in one or more of a property e. However, c814-83 a term in the present application contradicts or conflicts with a term in the incorporated reference, the term from the present application takes precedence over the conflicting term from the incorporated reference.

ASTM International : Withdrawn Standards

Specifically, a tetrabromobisphenol-A epoxy be used, having 2,4,6-tribromophenol endcaps. While not wishing to be bound by any specific theory, it is believed that providing the siloxane in a less volatile, less mobile higher Tghigh molecular weight polymer could help to maintain the siloxane in the composition longer and keep the siloxane better dispersed during burning. Any of the foregoing articles, but in particular the transparent articles, can further have a hardcoat disposed on a surface of the article to enhance abrasion and scratch resistance, chemical resistance, and the like.

The brominated oligomer can be a brominated polycarbonate oligomer derived from brominated aromatic dihydroxy compounds e. In particular, R c and R d are each the same hydrogen or C alkyl, specifically the f8114-83 C alkyl, even more specifically, methyl.

The siloxane blocks have an average of 5 to units, specifically 5 to units. The safety standards for aircraft and transportation systems used in the United States include a smoke density test specified in FAR In another embodiment, R is methyl, or a combination of methyl and trifluoropropyl, or a combination of methyl and phenyl.


The first polycarbonate, i. The article of claim 7wherein the article is selected from a balcony component, baluster, ceiling panel, cover for a life vest, cover for a storage bin, dust cover for a window, layer of an electrochromic device, lens for a television, electronic display, gauge, instrument panel, light cover, light diffuser, light tube, light pipes, mirror, partition, railing, refrigerator door, shower door, sink bowl, trolley cart container, trolley cart side panel, or window.

The use of pigments such as titanium dioxide produces white compositions, which are commercially desirable. As the brominated copolycarbonate t814-83 increases the yellowness index increases significantly from 2.

NBS Smoke Density Chamber, Smoke Toxicity Chamber, ASTM Smoke Density Chamber

As mentioned throughout, the polycarbonate compositions can be used in a wide variety of applications, particularly those requiring low smoke and low heat release values.

Excellent transparency can also be obtained when the polycarbonate composition comprises the first polycarbonate in an amount effective to provide at least 0. The composition of claim 1wherein E in formula 1 and formula 2 has an average value of 25 to 75.

Light stabilizers are used in amounts of 0. The data in Table 7 shows the effect of TiO 2 ast, the smoke density performance of a composition with and without awtm siloxane-carbonate present. ASTM E is not currently used for regulation or fire rating purposes. The remaining polymer s were starve-fed via gravimetric feeder s into the feed throat of the extruder as well.

CEX 7 in this test passed the D max flame test. When k is 1 and i is 0, the ring as shown in formula 8 contains 4 carbon atoms, when k is 2, the ring as shown contains 5 carbon atoms, wstm when k is 3, the ring contains 6 carbon atoms. To the batch in the feed tank was added dilution dichloromethane 10 L then the mixture was purified using a train of liquid-liquid centrifuges.

Hydrocarbon groups can contain saturated, unsaturated, or aromatic moieties, or a combination comprising any of the foregoing, e. Die Erfindung ast, eine ultra-leichte hitze- und flammbestndige oder -verzgernde F841-83 bzw.