Contents: I. Introduction to Macroeconomics 1. Realm of Macroeconomics 2. Circular flow. II. . D. Begg, S. Fischer, R. Dornbusch, Ekonomia, tom II, PWE, CESifo orum 2/ June) 30 Special Brexit: Why, What Next aNd hoW? iaiN Begg* Now David Begg, Rudiger Dornbusch, Stanley Fischer: Makroekonomia . 2) between two poles – from full efficiency (full ability) to efficiency within norms, .. ; D. Begg, S. Fischer, R. Dornbush, Ekonomia, tom 2, PWE, Warszawa.

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Disadvantages of GDP as a measure eionomia economic welfare. Competences of populace, administrative districts, provinces councils in a new administrative division of the country.

Ecological problems in the theory of economy. Instruments of the money market: Constitutional principles of a political — economic system, organs of self-governed and legislative authorities the Seym, the Senateexecutive the President and Government Administrationjudiciary and supervisory, territorial council.


International exchange of goods and services – theory and practice. Additional information registration calendar, class conductors, localization and schedules of classesmight be available in the USOSweb system: XIX i XX w. The relation of investments and innovations. Kinds of negotiations, individual styles of negotiating, negotiating with a stronger, negotiations and sex, age, cultural traditions and nationality of the sides. Advantages and disadvantages resulting from economies of scale.


Non-classical methods of prognoses methods of discrete-continual models, methods of historic and space-time analogs, heuristic methods, the method of script – simulating values of objective ekonlmia. A conflict – the nature of a conflict, objective and psychological conditions of its creation, types of conflicts, procedures of dealing with conflicts and counteraction of escalation.

The process of European integration as an aim of Polish economic policy. Elements of a post-optimization analysis. Normality of a random element distribution.

Macroeconomics – University of Łódź

Structure differentiation of terrains use in this the structure of farmlands in different parts of the world, and its connection with population. Verification of econometric models. Linear dependence of vectors and its importance for quantitative record of conditions in a decisive model. Legal forms of the public sector activity: Basic categories of economic system subjects. Kinds of maps and their use.

The notion and bases of eco-development strategies. Students on the foundation of lectures, supervised by the leader, interpret particular tasks attributed by legal force to populaces, administrative districts, provinces councils as well toom the state administration, in this, special.

Marketing on the Polish market. Evolution of Money and the Banking System 2.


Sectors of national economy in a dynamic context disappearing and new sectors. Money demand and supply 5.

Main theories of inflation 4. Economic conceptions of a psychological school. The national economy as the object of economic policy. An outline of main macroeconomic theories. Records of economic events: Offer enquires and offers in the foreign trade. On-line services of the University of Warsaw You are not logged in log in.

Macroeconomics I – University of Warsaw

Stages of the econometric research procedure. Perception of knowledge on the subject of international transactions and contracts, international economic relations with a particular regard for integration, internationalization and globalization ekonpmia economy. Definition and functions of money 2.

Problems of international debts and ways of its reduction. Distributions of continuous random variable normal distribution, rectangular distribution. Functions of a financial system. The positional strategy – preparation, phases, fight tactics, power in negotiations, consequences of using this strategy. Static and dynamic analysis of the economic growth. Rules of fiscal policy 3. Mathematical and English — American schools.