The Climb: Tragic Ambitions on Everest [Anatoli Boukreev, G Weston Dewalt, Lloyd James] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. This is the. The Climb: tragic ambitions on Everest by Anatoli Boukreev and G. Weston DeWalt. New York: St. Martin’s Griffin, ISBN A mountaineer’s account of the fatal Everest climb which killed eight people .

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Read it in about 48 hours, despite life getting in the way here and there, I could not put this book down. Every story has two sides.

I have just read Krakauer’s account “Into Thin Air” and liked reading both sides of the story and having some gaps filled in by reading both accounts. Both obviously paid for their oversights with their lives. Everest hte, the major motion picture from Universal Pictures, is set for wide release on September 18, All Mountain Madness expedition members, with the exception of Fischer, survived and got down the mountain without serious injury.

The Climb (book) – Wikipedia

A fascinating account of what happened on Mount Everest in Voukreev of Scott Fischer did not give good leadership to either his clients or his guides.

By that time Boukreev was on the way down. Some have said Jon Kraukaur’s book “Out of Thin Air” is far more interesting, possibly so as he was a professional writer and looked more to write to entertain and sell, this book was written to correct boukrdev misinformation put forward in Kraukaur’s book.

The book is also partially a response to Jon Krakauer ‘s account of the same Everest climb in his book Into Thin Airwhich appeared to criticize some of Boukreev’s actions during the climb. This book by G.


Fischer, a charismatic American and great climber, looked to Rob Hall’s successful business model with Adventure Consultants and thought that he could replicate that success himself, by creating a business guiding people up major climbs. I’m sure he’s a good climber, but he was nothing compared to Anatoli. This new edition includes a transcript of the Mountain Madness expedition debriefing recorded five days after the tragedy, as well as G. This book was definitely interesting as a way to fill in the gaps, and also as an example of a different approach to telling the story of the Everest disaster.

Jul 03, Bryan added it. Tragic Ambitions on Everest, by Anatoli Boukreev – 4 stars. After reading Into Thin Air, you’re left thinking Boukreev is an eccentric daredevil who took unnecessary risks while on Everest.

The Climb: Tragic Ambitions on Everest

The only criticism I would have boukerev towards his co-author, De Walt, who it seems from the writing-was there. And in the end he went out into the major storm to rescue 4 of his clients from imminent death. In that book, Krakauer describes the tragedy that befell the climbers on May 10 from his viewpoint as a climber in the Adventure Consultants team.

I wasn’t there thank goodness!

Anatoli is the man I didn’t rate this high because its a great piece of literature — its not, the writing is cho Ran across this book and had to ghe it up. I agree that it is a bit of Everest overload but it is such a fascinating topic. BUT, how could anyone forget!??

What’s with this crappy search clmb The book recounts events based on information available from many other sources and adds Boukreev’s comments and insights.

His best reply, I thought, was his answer to Krakauer’s criticism about not using oxygen. In Into thin Air Anatoli is clumb as the “bad guy” but in fact he was a hero who saved three lives while seriously I read this book a bit less than a year after finishing Into Thin Air Jon Krakauer. Boukreev was first to summit, but even he didn’t reach the top until about 1.


Sep 09, Erin rated it really liked it. This is fascinating reading, and gives quite an insight into the inner characters of some of the team. I can’t believe they didn’t stick with their turn-around times.

This book was presented by some as an alternative, or rebuttal, to Krakauer’s account. The last part of the book recounts another expedition to Everest with a group of Indonesian climbers Boukreev supported, giving him room to explain his view on the role the expert climber should have.

After The Climb was published, DeWalt leveled many public criticisms at Krakauer concerning the accuracy of each man’s account of what happened on the mountain during the climbs. View all 4 comments. In his work, Kra “The Climb” tells the story of the Everest disaster, in which a series of bad decisions and coincidences led to the deaths of 5 climbers, among them Rob Hall and Scott Fishcer, who were among the best in their professions. Boukreev died injust 20 months later, and I believe he met his death gratefully even as I deeply mourn his loss.

References to this book Adventure Tour Guides: It also seems that he disliked confrontation, and hated to say no, so that several of the climbers who were at the South Col on May 9 shouldn’t have really been there, owing to their lack of fitness.