Kolejna odsłona (Notorious); Dziewczyna super 3. Niepokorna (Reckless); Dziewczyna super 4. Bez przebaczenia. book by Cecily von Ziegesar. Wikipedia(5 entries). edit. frwiki It Girl; nowiki The It Girl; plwiki Dziewczyna Super; ptwiki The It Girl; svwiki The It Girl. Dziewczyna Super by. Cecily von Ziegesar,. Małgorzata Strzelec (Translator). avg rating — 12, ratings — published — 26 editions. Want to Read .

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Books by Małgorzata Strzelec

It piqued my interest, but using the primate metaphor was a weird way of driving a point. My little brother is in rehab. Some of these were really good but unfortunately more of these were ones that I either didn’t like or didn’t get the point of or just skimmed. And she never even explains why he was dating a fucking gorilla. Nothing really happened in this one. I just didn’t want to continue the book. A girl is going to prom with her boyfriend, who is a very good friend of her older brother.

Cecily von Ziegesar

I liked the idea. It was funny and I liked the independence-message in this short story. The characters were vividly depicted, and the story setting was very clearly purposefully dated. Some stories were original, but most– even some told by authors I love! Those two were both 3. Aimee Friedman–an interesting way to work in classic mythology and the three fates. This story captured the nuances of a meaningful dialogue well, though. Because it resonates to be true, and it feels like Vizzini writing this was one of those signs you should’ve seen coming, but didn’t.


It was so unrealistic. Some stories were more heavy handed and annoying.

Billy Merrell–I liked this. It’s especially odd that I got a book of prom stories, just because some authors I knew and liked had contributions.

The It Girl – Wikidata

Maybe I’ll get to the rest before I return this book to the library, but I doubt it. Well, it turned out that a lot of things went wrong. Cecily von Ziegesar–weird story. Most definitely just an “OK” book. Dec 29, Viky S.

This is meant to be a homosexual story but it’s actually just kind of making fun of it and yeah I hated this. Throughout all of this she constantly says she is not interested in prom, but in reality she really is. When I saw the names of some of my favorite authors on the cover of this book, I was excited.

The mental images of primate on human action that it brought to mind were a bit disturbing to me, though. But I also thought it was a little bit uncomfortable for my taste, so that dragged my rating a little bit down. Also, I have no idea what the plot of this short story was, or how it tied into the whole prom thing.


ISNI Cecily von Ziegesar (American writer) ()

dziewczyn I don’t know what to say; I guess I was disappointed. Lost Sometimes – David Levithan: I picked this up because it’s currently prom season, and I thought it might be enjoyable to read some short stories about it.

In Vodka Veritas – Holly Black: Lisa Ann Sandell–This wasn’t bad, although I didn’t love any of the characters, and the ending was odd. I have previously enjoyed other works by Libba Bray, so this was kind of disappointing. dziewczyns