Elementary Mix The Chordbusters’ March This quartet from Quinton Township School (New Jersey) has a second grader on lead, a third grader on baritone, a . Chordbusters March. Bluegrass Student Union version. Rating: /5. 1 · 2 · 3 · 4 · 5. (9 votes – mouse-over to vote now!). Arranger, WA Wyatt. Voicing, Womens Track. Contestable, No. Genre, Traditional . Artist, Jennifer Cooke. Artist Website,

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They were pressured to learn ’em fast. He could now be treated successfully. Afterwards, they returned to hotel – sang some more – and sometime after 3am, retired to their separate rooms.

The head nurse asked if they would consider singing for a special patient. Despite pressure to compete again, in they began the tradition of past champions NOT entering future contests. They dropped by a Tulsa hospital to sing for a friend.

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An unexpected error has been encountered. They had been unable to break through the tension. They just sang it, feeling for each chord, not necessarily singing it the same way twice. Unlike today, there were five elimination rounds of 10 quartets with the top three quartets from each going on to the finals.


To live, to listen, to learn. This discipline helped “tune” the quartet and also prepared them for future challenges.

After about a year, Wade moved to California and the guys turned to another local talented musician, Lem Childers. I heard it live at a FWD convention, and it was freaking unreal.

It paralyzed his left side and affected his speech. Once the concert got underway, they ran into tenor Norman Enmeier in the men’s room. Tom died April 25, at They were apparently more relaxed and might have even sung better. Log in with Facebook.

We need you!

The Chord Busters worked up some songs and entered the state competition. The Chord Busters sang on Wade’s weekly radio show in Okmulgee for 13 weeks promoting his piano course.

This action cannot be undone! He keep chordbusetrs in line, musically.

We have emailed you a change of email request. His talent included being able to arrange for male voices taking advantage of individual qualities and ranges. This page was last edited on 3 Januaryat Louis, after two afternoons of elimination, eleven quartets were selected to face the audience on the night of July 5.

They averaged approximately a show a week. Their unique style was copied by most of the quartets choddbusters followed. Submit a new link. For out of town gigs, which were rare ’cause there weren’t too many places to go and no way to get there, they waived their fee and got train fare, hotel, and some meals. This would be the only contest in which they would not place first.


Make my profile public at. Bluegrass Student Union – “Chordbuster March”.

Chordbusters March Lead

Everyone from Tulsa cchordbusters and to say there was a party atmosphere would be an understatement. The work was also lots of fun and very satisfying. Soon after the contest they lost tenor Virgil Dow to love choosing hugs over harmony. You’ve reached the daily limit of 10 videos.


Just six months later, on May 25,news came that Bob Holbrook had died of cancer at the choddbusters of 68 in Las Vegas. Navigation menu Personal tools Create account Log in. Show my social media links facebook. Submit a new text post. It proved so popular, it later surfaced as a contest number for the Gaynotes inand the Suntones in