An intra alveolar type of space maintainer also known as willets distal shoe was given. A 12 month follow up was taken. Conclusion: In. Space maintainers are appliances used to maintain space or regain .. The only treatment alternative to the distal shoe space maintainer is a. Distal shoe space maintainer is a valuable part of the Paediatric Dentist’s armamentarium in those cases where the second primary molar is.

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Find articles by Navin H. Another disadvantage of this appliance is that, the gingival tissue around the intra-alveolar extension never becomes completely lined with epithelium, thus maintaining an open wound in the oral cavity [ 13 ].

It consists of crown and an intra-alveolar distal extension which guide the eruption of permanent first molar. Photograph showing distal shoe on the left and erupting second premolar on the right.

Premature eruption of the premolars. The space maintainer was well-accepted by the child and his parents and was optimistic for the future of his dentition.

Photograph after restoration of central incisors. Apart from the eruption disturbance, other abnormalities that may rise from periapical lesions associated with primary dentition include enamel hypoplasia, Turners Hypoplasia ; displacement and rotation of the tooth, partial or complete stoppage of root growth of the succeeding permanent tooth.

Developmental arrest maintainner permanent tooth germs following pulpal infection of deciduous teeth. Case Report Open Access. Conclusion The modified distal shoe appliance is time efficient, more stable, better accepted by the child and meets all the criteria for proper space maintainer.

The distal shoe space maintainer chairside fabrication and clinical performance.

Ann Jose ankara escort. Failure of the tooth germ to develop as a sequelae to periapical or inter-radicular infection of the primary tooth is uncommon but has been reported [ 10 ]. So whenever restoration in primary molar is not possible and extraction is the choice, there is always a risk of losing spacs resulting in malocclusion. Case Report A 4. Modified distal shoe appliance for the loss of a primary second molar: Stability of the appliance would have been a major issue inthis case, if we had given distal shoe space maintainer by banding canine.


The wire components were soldered to bands on both the sides. Agri and Aquaculture Journals Maintaiiner. The patient had not visited the dentist for a long period of time and so the distal shoe space maintainer was still present even after eruption of permanent first molar.

Distaal articles by Pradeep Christopher. Select your language of interest to view the total content in your interested language. Unfortunately patient did not turn up for follow up treatment and reported back to the department mainrainer months later with a swelling in the lower right back teeth region. Abstract Preservation of the primary dentition until the normal time of exfoliation is one of the most important factor involved in preventive and mainntainer dentistry.

J Clin Pediatr Dent. Distal shoe or intraalveolar eruption guidance appliance type of space maintainer was indicated in the present case.

Showing post-operative photograph of the mandibular arch 1. In the maxillary central incisors pulp treatment were done followed by composite build-up in maxillary right central incisor and fragment reattachment in maxillary left central incisor Figure 4. Modified distal shoe appliance, Premature loss of multiple deciduous molars. Hsoe there was premature eruption of right first and second premolar prior to the eruption of right first permanent molar and the first permanent molar showed signs of eruption, the modified distal shoe appliance was removed before the eruption of right first permanent molar.


Unsupervised Distal Shoe Appliance: A Case Report

Access cavity preparation was carried out on maintauner right primary first and second molars and closed dressing was given.

This is an open-access article distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution License, which permits unrestricted use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided the original author and source are credited.

Arrested development of a permanent tooth.

The appliance traditionally suggested as the treatment of choice is the distal shoe space maintainer [ mainainer ]. Pulp therapy was carried out on lower left primary first and second molars and upper left primary first molar,followed by stainless steel crown. The purpose of this case report was to present a side effect in a case of unsupervised distal shoe space maintainer which was placed in a child and not followed regularly.

So the design of distal shoe was modified such that it is able to maintain mesiodistal dimension of the space without any compromise on the stability or cooperation of the patient.

The distal shoe space maintainer chairside fabrication and clinical performance.

It was found that after a follow-up of one year eight months left mandibular second premolar had erupted Figure 5. This patient does not had any such problem and so distal shoe space maintainer was given after extraction of left mandibular second primary spwce at the age of five years. Arrested permanent tooth development has been reported as a consequence of pulpal infection of carious primary teeth [ 9 ].

But in this patient no clinical problem was evident even after having the appliance for such a long period. Dent Clin N Amer.