Arming the System. Check the following items before arming the system: Bypass Light. If the “Bypass” light is ON, insure that zones are intentionally bypassed. User Manuals · Request a Service · Request a Quote · Security Tips. Call us now on DSC – PC User Manual · DSC – PC User Manual. View and Download DSC PC installation manual online. DSC PC Installation Manual. PC Security System pdf manual download.

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They will advise what action has been taken as a result of the alarm and whether the premises are safe to enter. If you are uncertain about the condition of your electrical appliances or household service, have a professional evaluation.

This warranty applies only to manhal in parts and workmanship and not to damage incurred in shipping or handling, or damage due to causes beyond the control of Digital Security Controls Ltd.

Please login or register. Enter the [4 digit] New-code.

Contact your installer for information on safe methods to activate a smoke detector. Thank you for your response. I sent you a Private Message with the info.

Government Printing Office, Washington D. To do this, first inform the monitoring station that you are testing your system. Go to the keypad and enter the [4 digit access code]. Defective Stand-by Battery Press [ ] to return to ready. The keypad sounder will be ON. Press [ ] to return to ready mode. The Master Code will be supplied to you by your installer. I would really appreciate that same link to download the installers manual.


Logged secureman Member Posts: The keypad is used to send commands to the system and to display the current system dxc. No, those keypads are not compatible with the Have you looked at the battery? The alarm memory will be cleared when the panel is re-armed. Check to see that the “Ready” light is ON all zones are closed.

DSC PC1550 Alarm Installation Manual

Keep in mind, however, pc15500 you will have to reprogram the Panel after Default to configure it for your installation. If I reset the password I will erae all the previous configuration zones etc?

The keypad buzzer will not sound for AC failure until there is also a low battery condition. I have read the entire forum, but I did not find the link to the installation manual. December 30, Are furnaces and wood burning appliances properly installed, clean and in good working order? I know that z is not. If the “Bypass” p1550 is ON, be sure zones are being intentionally bypassed before arming the system see Zone Bypassing.


The foregoing warranty shall apply only to the original buyer, and is and shall be in lieu of any and all other warranties.

PC – PC Security Products | DSC

If your security system is programmed to report to a monitoring station, the keypad will also sound a tone to indicate that the monitoring station has been advised of the arming of the system. Remember, the [A] key does not ring the bell and the [P] key may not be programmed for an audible signal. Please login or register. Disarm the system “Ready” light should be ON 3. Observe the zone light come ON as each sensor is activated.

For other system devices such as smoke detectors, passive infrared, ultrasonic or microwave motion detectors or glassbreak detectors, consult the respective manufacturer’s literature for testing and maintenance. There are three zones which can be activated from the keypad. Can someone help me? Use it in good health. You can download an Installation Manual free of charge courtesy of the folks at the Home Security Store.