Jan Ladislav Dussek (), praised by Haydn for his ‘remarkable talents’, wrote this collection of melodic and inventive sonatinas while living in London. Dussek: Sonatina in G Major, Op. , No. 1 (I: Allegro non tanto) Sheet Music for: Piano Includes: One solo score (3 pages) Price: USD. Buy Six Sonatinas Op. 20 (Piano) by DUSSEK at Piano Sheet Music.

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Seoid OC on October 16, at 2: Add Videos on this page Add a video related to this sheet music. It is only effective when played at a brisk tempo, so it is suitable for students who enjoy fast playing and can show careful attention to expressive detail in phrasing, dynamics and articulation. Accuracy and fluency will be reliable at an appropriately lively pace. His Concerto in C major, Op.

Some works published by multiple publishers were assigned different opus numbers ; sometimes different works were given then same opus number by different publishers.

In the spring of sonatiinas, Dussek appeared in a series of concerts, a number of which featured Sophia, the young daughter of music publisher Domenico Corri. He also developed a fondness for strong drink which probably hastened his death.

Dussek composed a number of piano concertos between andeighteen of which survive. It is sohatinas suitable for introducing students to playing a movement of a fair length in the Classical genre, as its musical and technical demands are not sonahinas so exacting as those needed when playing Mozart. Many historic pieces are in hard-to-reach libraries in Europe, and it is not so easy to walk in and ask for a photocopy.

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It is especially important to control the tone of the LH Alberti Bass semiquaver broken chords, as in the opening barsavoiding emphasising the repeated E. The enhanced possibilities offered by the instrument help explain some of his stylistic innovations.

Dussek – Sonata in C – Harp Column

Sonatina in G major 2. In later life, Dussek is reputed to have become so very stout that he could no longer reach the piano keys! Buy sheet music books Dussek, Jan Ladislav. Nevertheless, some pedal is needed to enhance the tone, if not to sustain, and we should be very clear about why we are using the pedal.

Sonatina in F major 4. The Artaria Company published a thematic catalog of his works that is incomplete, [51] prompting Howard Craw to develop a new thematic sussek in Haydn’s String Quartets Opus This section does not cite any sources.

Cataloging Dussek’s compositions has a sonatihas of its own. The melody throughout is natural and the choruses are, without exception, as perfect specimens as we can find in the works of the theatrical composers of the present sobatinas. Works are numbered in the order they were written prefixed by “C” or “Craw”; works of dubious origin are listed in a separately numbered section prefixed by “Craw D”.

Once the decision has been made for the student to learn this piece, careful listening to a recording should be the first step. Less well known to the general public than that of his more renowned Classical period contemporaries, his piano music is highly valued by many teachers and not infrequently programmed.

Dussek’s oeuvre has historically been difficult to organize, due soonatinas part to the number of publishers who originally published his work, and to the fact that some of his works were published by more than one publisher.


Dussek – Sonatina in Eb Op 20 No 6 1st Movement

The others have only one edition. There is scope for much variety in articulation and this is another means of making the music sound interesting and lively in character. He wrote a powerful sonata Sonata in A flat major, Op. In he enrolled in the University duwsek Prague, where he lasted one semester.

Troubleshooting A technical requirement that your student will certainly have explored previously is that of balancing the hands sensitively.

Jan Ladislav Dussek

It seems unlikely that Dussek ever saw Sophia and his daughter Olivia after he left London in ; Sophia had to wait until she knew Dussek had died before she could remarry, which she did in Dusswk Ladislav Dussek was a Czech composer who was born in to a musical family.

H Flood, William Henry Dsusek He took to strong drink, which apparently hastened his death in I was going to point that out earlier but got busy.

Dussek was one of a number of foreign-born composers, including Muzio Clementi and John Fieldwho contributed significantly to the sonainas of a distinct “London” school of pianoforte composition. There will be sensitive control of tone showing textural awareness and technical assurance will enable a communicative sense of performance at a lively pace that is easily maintained, never sounding rushed or anxious.

The others vary in interest, are somewhat lighter in style, less.