We are very much looking forward to seeing you all over the next few days at the EphMRA ‘Shaping the Future’ conference. Come and see us. contractors – to adhering to the EphMRA Code, including adverse event reporting guidelines. . Megha Kalani, Product Manager at Philips Healthcare, and Jemma Lampkin, Senior Project Manager Healthcare at SKIM, co-presented at this year’s EphMRA .

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EFPIA disclosure requirements and the US Sunshine Act do not generally require agencies to identify to client companies the names of the healthcare professionals who report adverse events. The Data Protection Act requires that ephra names are disclosed, so far as practicable, prior to viewing of non-anonymised fieldwork via video-relay.

You can find ephkra guidelines here. The second option is to have a qualified statistician determine that the risk is very small that the information could be used to identify the individual. These conditions should apply whether observers are watching a recording or video stream in remote locations or are viewing at the research location. Consequently clients can forward customer email addresses to agencies for recruitment purposesunless the client has included market research in their standard data protection opt out policy.

FCC Regulations Octoberpermit market reserach calls made to mobile phones using an auto-dialler only with the “prior express consent” of the intented recipient to receive such calls.

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Representing The Research Partnership was Founding Director Mark Jeffery accompanied by Associate Directors Pei Li Teh and Paul Reed, who all considered the conference to be a great event with many opportunities for networking and some thought-provoking papers.

If the list contains information not in the public domain, those listed MUST give consent for their personal data to be held and told why their personal data is being held. In particular, non-interventional studies or post-marketing authorisation studies as they may also be called are confused with market research.


The unnecessary or repeated use of brand names should be avoided unless assessing reaction to the name, or use of the product by name is an essential research objective – particular ephmrq should be taken if the names of unlicensed products rphmra to be used. The name of the recipient company If MR subjects agree the company name can be withheld until the end of fieldwork to avoid bias or the threat of disguised promotion.

As with any request for consent for the use of personal data, the following must be made clear:.

EphMRA – Code of Conduct Online

In Canada, MRIA affiliated researchers must take into account the degree of maturity of the child or young person involved when considering what subjects may or may not be safely dealt with in 20133 interview. This is NOT mandatory if:. Welcome to Rapport, containing tips, truths, news and views, blogs, tweets, articles and films covering a range of topics currently affecting Research Partnership and the pharma market research world.

Informed consent and a means to provide it are required. Vulnerable MR subjects are those who for whatever reason could be more susceptible than normal to physical or ehpmra stress induced by the research process. A person’s digital image is personally identifiable data.

Healthcare Market Research News from Research Partnership

Consent and record keeping required 4. Market research MUST NOT be used to obtain confidential information about competing products and companies from Wphmra subjects who are bound by confidentiality agreements with those companies.

In addition, if the surveys takes 30 minutes or more to answer “compensatory payment” of up to KRWper HCP may be provided. The EMA states that:.

Generally includes patient prescribed a company’s medicinal product in the usual manner. Revealing the Source of a List 4.


Welcome to EphMRA

Contributors should be told the identity of the research organisation, purpose of the market research, what sort of data will be collected, how their comments will be used and who will have access to it. Face to Face Methodology S. Join us in Warsaw for our annual conference on June Seeking consent for other uses retrospectively is not allowed. When a MR subject Withdraws Rapport Our e-newsletter and online resource for sharing our ehmra and experience in global healthcare market research Martin outlined the methodology and sample – 10 oncologists and pulmonologists in Germany, each submitting 10 patient cases.

When conducting social media market research, researchers are bound by epmra terms and conditions attached to access of the online services. When an e-mail address is used for sending invitations for research, or for sending a survey, this is considered not to be commercial charitable or idealistic purposes, but purely for research, information gathering, and therefore prior consent is not required.

Generally but not necessarily the client is a manufacturer of pharmaceuticals, devices or diagnostics and the agency 203 a market research specialist.

Explicit consent for downloading software to be used for market research purpose should be sought and a means provided to address questions. The client should not publish any of the results of the survey without the approval 20133 the agency unless otherwise agreed in advance.

Current statistics around mobile technology reveal that many physicians are now using iPhone, iPads and other mobile devices to assist them in their daily practices. It is strongly ephmrx that placebos are used during market research surveys whenever practical.