The Evolved Packet Core portfolio includes SGSN/MME* and Mobile Packet Gateway – software upgrades of the existing SGSN and GGSN. PDF | SGSN and GGSN are the two core network elements of the general packet radio service which enables Ahmad Ali Habeeb at Ericsson. GGSN communicates to SGSN and when it receives data variables. It was designed by Ericsson to support fault-tolerant and distributed applications.

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The standard 3G PC architecture assumes a standard routed IP network for transport on top of which the mobile network entities and protocols are implemented. The Openflow ggsm programs the GTP header field rules in addition to the other fields to perform GTP routing and adds appropriate actions if the rule is matched. The Future of Cable Business Services.

The application programming interface API between the OpenFlow controller and the control plane entities can be a remote procedure call RPC interface or similar interface. If the incoming packet matches fgsn particular rule, the associated action defined in that flow table entry is performed on the packet.

The managed services company must maintain a completely separate server pool and physical signaling network for each mobile operator it supports. Network controller, switch and method for increasing openflow network capability. Ip multicast service join process for mpls-based virtual private cloud networking.

The storage devices represent one or more non-transitory machine-readable or computer-readable storage media and non-transitory machine-readable or computer-readable communication media. The controller removes the configuration of the GTP tunnel at a switch implementing the SGSN that had been encapsulating and decapsulating data packets for the subscriber session and thereby removes a first GTP tunnel endpoint Block The instructions for matching packets are:.

Additionally, the 3G PC control wgsn entities themselves can issue event notifications to the cloud manager if they detect internally that they are beginning to experience overloading.

PS Core Engineer (Back Office Ericsson SGSN/MME, GGSN/MPG, iDNS, SAPC) on

The core network is divided into circuit switched and packet switched domains. OpenFlow utilizes data structures referred to as flow match structures that enable the protocol to define criteria for matching rules to particular gssn. If processing requires matching against another flow table, the actions in the matched rule include an action directing processing to the next table in the pipeline. This allows the packet processing pipeline to mix and match particular rules and actions without causing a combinatorial explosion in the table size.

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Back Office PS Core Engineer (Ericsson SGSN/MME, GGSN/MPG)

A GTP-extended Openflow switch can also accomplish GTP routing without performing the gateway functions of encapsulation and decapsulation. System and method for coordinated remote control of network radio nodes and core network elements.


The type can be been randomly generated so as not to interfere with other extended types. The cloud manager can perform these functions across VPCs and mobile operators using the cloud computing ericssonn resources, thereby maximizing the use of gsgn resources and reducing the cost of operation while maintaining strict separation of data and traffic between mobile operators.

The flow table entries contain a record of how the packet header, including the GTP encapsulation header, should be configured. The embodiments of the present invention provide a method and system for avoiding the disadvantages of the prior art. This signaling triggers procedure calls with the OpenFlow controller to modify the routing in the 3G PC as requested. User data plane packets that require extension headers, sequence numbers, or N-PDU numbers during GTP encapsulation require special handling by the software slow path.

Control of long term evolution lte virtual network elements based on radio network tunnels.

The GTP tunnel establishes the route of the subscriber session across the core network of the 3G PC network to ggns peering point, the Internet or similar endpoint. Implementing the control plane of an 3G PC in a cloud computing facility and the data plane of the 3G PC using a set of OpenFlow switches, as well as managing communication between the control plane and the dataplane using the OpenFlow protocol e.

The tunnel end destination IP address field contains the IP address of the gateway to which the tunneled packet should be routed, at which the packet will be decapsulated and removed from the GTP tunnel.

All, which execute all actions in the bucket list, this is used for broadcast or multicast forwarding; Select, which execute one bucket per packet, based on eridsson algorithm determined by the switch which is outside the OpenFlow protocol, this is used to implement multipath forwarding; Indirect, which execute the single bucket on all packets, this allows multiple flows or groups to point to a single collection of actions rather than having the actions defined in multiple forwarding table entries; Fast Failover, which execute the first live bucket, where each bucket is associated with a port that controls its liveness, this enables ggssn switch to failover to ggxn port without involving the controller.

A cloud computing system can be composed of any number of computing devices having any range of capabilities e. The parsing process matches a packet header by initializing a set of match fields Block and checking for the presence of a set of different header types. Implementing a 3g packet core in a cloud computer with openflow data and control planes.

An action allows the writing of data to a metadata register, which is carried along in the packet processing ggs like the packet header. In other instances, well-known circuits, structures and techniques have not been shown in detail in order not to obscure the understanding of this description.


Mobility management is necessary to ensure packet network connectivity when a wireless terminal moves from ericssson base station to another. If there is no match erivsson this table, then one of a set of default actions is taken i. CN CNB en If the cloud manager detects a threshold level of resource utilization or gsn load for any one of the plurality of control plane modules being monitored Blockthe cloud manager can takes steps to automatically respond to this scenario.

The controller is an external software component executed by a remote computing device that enables a user to configure the OpenFlow 1.

Communication system, serving ygsn, communication method therefor, and base station. The data plane consists of standard OpenFlow switches with enhancements as needed for routing GTP packets, rather than IP routers and Ethernet switches.

The control plane entities of the 3G PC architecture can be stored and executed on a single server or distributed across any number of servers or similar computing devices.

Partner Perspectives – content from our sponsors. The intermediate switches may require programming to route the user plane packets to the transcoding application. The process for deleting a session is illustrated in FIG. This information is inserted by the switch’s control plane software into the software encapsulation table, keyed by the TEID.

Deactivating a control plane module frees up the resources and reduces the overhead created by the control eficsson module. Group tables enable a method for allowing a single flow match to trigger forwarding on multiple ports. Communication system, the serving gateway, the communication method and a base station. The message specifies actions and instructions, as described above, to establish a flow route for the GTP tunnel that encapsulates and decapsulates the packets through the appropriate virtual port.

The split between the control and data plane parts of ericssson 3G PC can be used together with virtual private cloud VPC technology to implement multiple PoPs within a single 3G PC, provide GTP flow-specific routing for ericsosn applications, and run multiple operator networks from a single cloud computing facility.

Specifically, the embodiments of the invention relate to the use of the OpenFlow protocol to implement control of a data plane by the control plane being execute in a cloud computer system.

The long dash and dotted lines and arrows shows a example of a UE that is obtaining content from an external source.