IN HIGH RESOLUTION PDF ELECTRONIC VERSION – IN THE NEAR FUTURE, MEN OUTNUMBER WOMEN 1 TO WOMEN ARE USED AS CATTLE. Read page 24 of the porn comic Fansadox – Fernando – Sex Wars 3 for free. Fansadox Collection – Sex Wars ( KB) Pobierz.

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Not everything in this world is as it seems. This is an entirely fictional work based on cartoon characters for adult entertainment. The influx of fresh, untouched cunt in the open gave rise to many male-led hunting groups which swarmed the outskirts of New Amazonia like ants at a picnic, each striving to intercept these fine, beautiful refugees. New Amazonia, an impenetrable fortress of females-only dedicated to the safety and protection of its female citizens.

Fansadox Collection – Sex Wars – Dofantasy Comics – XXX-AYM –

The female prisoners fanxadox Cathedral City are the main fanxadox At center stage, Colonel Maya West is on display with her two failed rescuers. A new and deadly virus erupted from the deepest African jungles and spread like wildfire throughout the globe.

The efforts of even the greatest virologists and health professionals could not stem the tide, and soon cities reeked with the smell of rotting bodies and were dotted with the plumes of putrescent smoke from the giant bonfires that stretched across the skyline from metropolitan high rises to the most rural farmlands.

Because she holds a secret that could change the balance of power in this new and vicious world. T he end of the world came inthough not in a way that anyone had predicted.


Affecting only the female population of the human race, the disease killed within hours. This will be famsadox extravaganza of pain, humiliation, and shame for the three girls. This flood of immigrants has created new problems of its own. The girls will lose no matter what they do. Those that once lived here find that their allocated fucking time has been cut in half, and their wait time has grown exponentially! It is a great spectacle and entertainment for the many men who flood into the stadium.

The city itself swells like a boil on the landscape as men flood into the metropolis, each carrying the hopes of fucking the prized attraction: It shows no real people or events. If Scorpion has Christine, his dominance over the fiery and feisty Maya West will be assured.

As scientists struggled to salvage the situation, wars erupted over every conceivable reason.

The nation-states that had fandadox stood were replaced by ravenous male-only tribes which littered the countryside, violently struggling for brutal and savage control of the few females that remained. The year is now Soon, it became obvious that possession and control of women, especially young, healthy, childbearing women, was more important than anything else.

New Amazonia has its own secrets and its own problems. The smallest and most unstable governments quickly collapsed, and even the largest international blocs struggled to contain the surging fear and brutal rioting that erupted like a boil in the wake of the fanasdox. Within a year, there was only 1 woman for 135 2, men, and the disease had not yet run its full course. Perhaps some arrangement can be made for mutual benefit between New Amazonia and Cathedral City.


He is growing impatient as Maya West is growing more and more desperate. She knows she cannot last in this hellish situation.


Show the world that she is nothing more than a slut and a whore and give the people what they want. No actual toons were harmed in the making of this comic. Only the men of Cathedral City are the victors.

Fannsadox first ever Cathedral City Games are held in grand fashion in an attempt to placate the people. Scorpion knows that this situation cannot last, but he has other things to worry about. His prized beauty, Maya West, is just as viciously rebellious as ever.

Fansadox Collection 315 – Sex Wars 3.pdf

In the midst of this blighted world, a new city arose: Bya world that once held 7 billion people now carried only a fraction of that. Frightened girls by the thousands flocked to New Amazonia, desperate to find refuge and safety.

Like the Romans of old, this show of bread and circuses will distract the men from their dire situation, for the moment. In time, even the mightiest and most powerful nations could not sustain themselves.

In less than a year, nearly half the entire human population had been killed and the entire socio-economic architecture collapsed and chaos followed.