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Received call list appears when a new cal l is in the caller list. Storing memory from the caller list. Adjustable temperature limiter The temperature limiter is located on the main switch panel, the respective measuring sensor on the rear panel in the test space.


Gas emissions from the test specimens may affect the humidity measuring system, thus causing deviations. Trubarjeva 5 SI – Sentjernej Tel: Box 23 Manama Tel: Contact our service organisation.

NW 50 mm R The insert floor can be removed for cleaning purposes.

  EN ISO 9239-1 PDF

The entry is seilo modified a nd you will hear a confirmation tone. Dust filters are installed in the air inlet and outlet of the switchgear cabinet.

Enter the phone number of the entry t o be created using handset keys. Chundrigar Road Karachi Fax: To set up a 3-way conferen ce the 2 calls and yourself.

Enter the name of the entry. Such safety devices are available at your stockist.

Grundig Service Manuals | Service Manual

This has the potential of damaging the test specimens and the test system. If the test specimens used aelio free from harmful substances, you may set the reservoir to water return, so that condensation water will flow back into the reservoir. You cou ld get an electric shock. Thank you for placing your confidence in This device has been manufactured with the utmost care.


As a result, tests with extreme humidity values are not feasible, and low test space temperatures may cause icing of the evaporator. You will hear a beep with each key press. In this case, the sensor must be replaced. Please fix them as follows: DANGER is used, if non-compliance with the instructions may endanger living beings or the environment. By pressing ‘print’ button you will print only current page.


Grundig Selio

During a conversation, press. Italien Weiss Technik Italia S. The displ ay shows the recent. In this case, make sure to place.

You will hear a confirm ation tone. To destroy the lock, proceed as follows: It can be altered if required. Erhalten Sie per E-Mail Teilen: Hallo, habe die bedienungsanleitung, nutze nur noch ein telefon.

The entry is stored in the phonebook. The inspection intervals for refrigerating unit, electrical equipment and safety devices are specified in a maintenance contract with our service organisation. On the called handset, press the. Lack of water means pump is defective. Action Action – 1 press: