The book also features an innovative analysis of Luther’s virulent anti-Semitism in the context and aftermath of the Reuchlin Affair. Johannes Reuchlin. REUCHLIN, JOHANNES° (Capnio, or Phorcensis; –), German and Hebraist; one of the architects of the Christian *Kabbalah and famous as the. A re-examination of the case of Johann Reuchlin, one of the best-known controversies of the 16th century.

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This instruction laid the foundations of his knowledge of Hebrew.

Maximilian’s other experts proposed that all johannn should be taken from the Jews; and, as the emperor still hesitated, his opponents threw on Reuchlin the whole blame of their ill success. To cite this article click here for a list of acceptable citing formats. Trial at Rome and the Christian Debates.

Johannes Reuchlin

He was a born teacher, although this work was not to be done mainly from the professor’s chair. Reuchlin was severely hurt by the final condemnation.

The contest ended, however; public interest had grown cold, absorbed entirely by the Lutheran question, and Reuchlin had no reason to fear new attacks. From the struggle emerged the famous defense of Reuchlin, Episculae obscurorum virorum [letters of johanb men] by Crotus Rubianus and Ulrich von Hutten.

Leo X called a temporary halt to the conflict inbut the battle was resumed when Reuchlin’s publication of the Clarorum virorum Epistolae Latinae, Graecae, et Hebraicae … ad J.

Johannes Reuchlin | German humanist |

Reuchlin stated that he was willing to be corrected in theology, which was not his subject, but he could not unsay what he had said. Reuchlin first became embroiled with ruchlin famous dispute with Johannes Pfefferkorn in He never published a Greek grammar, but he had one in manuscript for use with his pupils, and also published several little elementary Greek books.


By the spring he was in bad health and died June 30, Though Reuchlin had no public office as teacher, he was for much of his life the real centre of all Greek and Hebrew teaching in Germany. With the Inquisition now mobilized, the universities all turned against Reuchlin, and byformal proceedings had begun against him at Mainz before the grand inquisitor. Indeed, he came to see Hebrew as the language in which God communicates to man through his angels.

He published with Friedrich Reuchli …. Reuchlin defended himself in a pamphlet titled Augenspiegelwhich the theologians at the University of Cologne attempted to suppress.

Although not a controversialist by nature, it seems almost inevitable that, given johannn special appreciation for Hebrew language and rabbinical learning, a man of Jobann integrity would be drawn into a conflict with the dying obscurantist trend of Medieval philosophy and religionwhich sought to protect “Truth” by destroying books it found objectionable. Gotthard DeutschFrederick T.

The journey lasted but a few months, but it brought the German scholar into contact with several learned Italians, especially at the Medicean Academy in Florence; his connection with the count became permanent, and after his return to Stuttgart he received important posts at Eberhard’s court.

The history of earlier contributions by wikipedians is accessible to researchers here:. The controversy came, by order of the pope, before the Bishop of Speyer, who in decided in favor of Reuchlin.

With the monkshowever, he had never been liked, due to his appreciation of humanistic learning. After the Jews appealed the order, in Reuchlin was summoned in the name of the emperor to give his opinion on the issue of the suppression of the Jewish books. The Reuchlin affair caused a wide rift in the church and eventually the case came before the papal court in Rome. Pfefferkorn’s plans were backed by the influential Dominicans of Cologneand inhe obtained the emperor’s authority to confiscate all Jewish books supposedly directed against the Christian faith.


He also made a friend of the pope’s secretary, Jakob Questenberg, who would become an important ally to him in his later troubles.

Johannes Reuchlin and the Campaign to Destroy Jewish Books

Unlike Erasmus, however, Reuchlin had no strong personal bias against the Jews. In he was again in Italy, where he encountered Pico della Mirandolawhose Christianized kabbalistic doctrines he inherited. He next became judge of the Swabian League — Having studied both biblical Greek and Hebrew, he could no longer endorse the authority of the Vulgate Latin version which had become standard.

Bibliographic Information Print publication date: The matter was brought before the Lateran Council at its session ofwhich decided in favor of Reuchlin. The emperor rescinded johanm edict of destruction on May 23, He gained his master’s degree inafter which he began to lecture with considerable success, teaching mohann more classical Latin than was then common in German schools, and explaining Aristotle in Greek. But in the spring he found it necessary to visit the baths of Liebenzell, and there contracted jaundiceof which he died, leaving in the history of the new learning a name only second to that of his younger contemporary Erasmus.