: Bangkok 8: A Royal Thai Detective Novel (1) (): John Burdett: Books. A thriller with attitude to spare, Bangkok 8 is a sexy, razor-edged, often darkly hilarious novel set in one of the world’s most exotic cities. A thriller with attitude to spare, Bangkok 8 is a sexy, razor-edged, often darkly hilarious novel set in one of the world’s most exotic cities. Witnessed by a throng of.

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Bangkok 8 by John Burdett | : Books

A thriller with attitude to spare, Bangkok 8 is a sexy, razor-edged, often darkly hilarious novel set in one of the world’s most exotic cities. How can her surname be given by the royal family or be as significant? But in Bangkok, the pique is simply more acute. She spends the whole rest of the book trying to—not seduce, because that’s too romantic—convince Sonchai to bang her. His fashion sensibilities help him detect if someone’s threads are a knock-off, and he can identify any perfume from just a whiff.

Jan 27, Alondra rated it really liked it Shelves: And now, after the death of his partner, he’s seeking karmic revenge against the person responsible for the murder.

This is painfully obvious part way through the book A variation of the quote having do with a bang and a whimper comes to mind.


Nor was it a particularly good crime novel set in Asia. I thought about things I’d never thought about before, because of the book. Wikiquote has quotations related to: Added by 1 of our members. And how can Pichai, who is supposed to be an Arhat, get hold of Warren’s body?


Police corruption— so-called according to Western values— may turn out to be the expression of compassion by cops who themselves come from very poor backgrounds and are not about to punish people for relatively harmless survival strategies, although one should not exaggerate. Oh boy is there a lot of exposition, and most of it useless. Apple Audible downpour eMusic audiobooks. That’s all I really want to say about this book.

Thailand should have been a fascinating setting, especially to a middle-American dork like myself, but the characters talked and often thought like western clods. The murderer—even if mired in Burdett’s fetishes—becomes an equally disturbing and engaging villain, that if treated better could rival a Kakihara.

Set in a very exotic locale of Bangkok Thailand with so many interesting things going on; great characters, I loved the relationship betw Sonchaii and the FBI agent.

View all 14 comments. Also by John Burdett. That’s what’s got them so hung up. Jul 08, Craig rated it did not like it. He’s also a devout Buddhist, which prevents him from taking part in the openly corrupt practices of the Thai police force Detective Sonchai Jitpleecheep is the son of a Bangkok prostitute insert your own inappropriate joke regarding the juxtaposition of the words “Bangkok” and “prostitute” here and a U.

It really got repetitive. You see, this book isn’t so much a crime novel, and it certainly isn’t a mystery.

And you had to buy into that even to partly accept the ending. The way the character thinks and talks doesn’t feel authentic at all. Mar 06, RandomAnthony rated it liked it Shelves: It really is a Japansese community. I bureett loved a passage where Sonchai grills Jones burdftt the 6 tenets of Buddhism and Jones grills Jitpleecheep on the 7 Dwarves. If he’s an Arhat, it’s likely that he’s on his way to nirvana. RB Large Print Availability: Jun 03, Pages Buy. The author knows the region like the back of his hand and has a quite extraordinary imagination.

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Knopf may be taking a bit of a burdet on this genre-bending effort—a ,copy first printing is planned—but strong reviews and a flashy bangokk should help get sales off to a good start. Sonchai Jitpleecheep is our honest Thai cop, on the hunt for his partners killer. Buddhism is at his core and his place on the path to enlightenment was furthered by a forced year in a monastery with his police partner and soulmate Pichai for a revenge killing.

Bangkok Eight

Retrieved 8 February The first book has a great mystery with a HUGELY crazy payoff a specialty of this author as you get into the burdetf and it’s a page turner, so be warned. There’s a lot of stupid minor things in the book that are problematic, too. Not sure I will read sequels.