Many instructors of the science of pressure point self defense teach a lot of Kyusho Self Defense Techniques. I have mostly been teaching the. Kyusho Jitsu teaches a variety of self-defense techniques such as using a pressure point in order force an attacker to release their grip on your. For centuries, the arts of Pressure Point Fighting (Kyushojitsu, Dim Mak, amazingly powerful techniques, concepts, and principles of Kyushojitsu into their own.

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This just skims the surface of what this course is about!

Kyusho Self Defense Techniques

Principles of pressure point self defense — creating advantage. And for the average person these Kyusho Self Defense Techniques can be learned and used right out of the box. Therefore you cannot approach self defense from a self righteous attitude!

Inquiries for internet orders, return, or replacement authorization internet orders only! Are you new to the science of pressure point self defense? Includes illustrations showing the pressure points used in the self-defense techniques.


Includes self-defense utilizing the pressure points and shows the interrelationship of pressure point striking and the grappling arts. Don’t miss a post!

Below is a sample video. Principles of Mechanics Principles of Tuite Jitsu.

Principles of Kyusho Jitsu

Customer Service and Wholesale Information Dillman. This is just a picture, but do you see what is wrong with this?

To most people it looks like a dance. Yours in the arts, Grand Master Art Mason.

This is not a video from the H. On the opposite end of the spectrum are those who utilize knowledge of pressure points in a very esoteric way. These courses as about real street survival.

Kyusho Kempo – The Secret Art of Pressure Point Fighting

Thank you for readying our article on the Kyusho Jitsu Power Principles. Therefore everyone can get something from these courses! Pressure Point Karate Made Easy: For example, a sensei might instruct their student to “hit here jjtsu the arm. The login page will open in a new window.


We’ll assume you’re ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish. Learning Points Technques Five: Tuite Defense Against Simple Assaults. Material suitable for the whole family! But why is this so important? He resides in Brasov Romania follow me on: Advanced Tuite Waza Chapter Five: And the big problem? Humane Pressure Point Tactics. Naihanchi Kata Chapter Six: Humane Pressure Point Self-Defense: But, these patterns were not only intended to assist warriors in rehearsing their techniques, they were also designed to conceal those same techniques from the uninitiated.

In other words, the points make the technique work better, but the technique will still work if we miss the points which can and likely will happen in a fight.