La Partícula Divina has ratings and reviews. Javier said: Una obra maestra de la Lederman es premio Nobel en física, es ademá. Enjoying this preview? Become a member to read the full title. Join today and read free for 30 days. Need help? Start Your Free Trial. La Particula Divina – Leon. La partícula divina (Booket Ciencia) | Leon Lederman, Dick Teresi, Juan Pedro Campos Gómez | ISBN: | Kostenloser Versand für alle Bücher.

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If there are four forces in nature, might there be two underlying patterns to them as one of the Greeks Empledocles – love and hate, harmony and discord? Lucidly written and inspiring, it is a must read for diviba even remotely interested in Physics.

That’s why the science of philosophy is necessary, because empirical science cannot study ideas. Leptons electrons, muons, and the tau can also be neutrinos with corresponding antineutrinos. As generally explained in the book, a neutrino ‘little neutral one’ is an elementary particle of neutral electric charge and almost 0 mass. As a history of particle physics, it’s pretty good.

Since so many neutrinos are predicted to exist, their combined mass may be sufficient to cause all the matter in the Universe to eventually collapse into a single point, which might then explode and create a completely new Universe. There were some whimsical digressions where the author played with this theme — imaginary conversations with Democritus — that I personally found to be the most dull parts of the book.

We also learn about how different experimental setups competed for some of the same discoveries, and the relative advantages and disadvantages of, say, electron-positron colliders compared to proton-antiproton colliders. Open Preview See a Problem? Refresh and try again. I regret that I will The first part of the book really helped me to understand some things that had been outside of my education experience.

This made some parts of the book seem like a very slow read. Want to Read saving…. Current studies indicate that neutrinos have a small but nonzero mass.

I found the connection to ancient Greek philosophy to be a bit of a stretch, or at least over-emphasized, but it was at least food for thought. In theory, God Particle has the recipe to satisy this penchant, but I cannot get past Lederman’s hokey methods e. Despite some slow parts and some theore Why am I reading a twenty year old popular physics book?


At the time this was written, the Superconducting Supercollider project had not yet been cancelled, the Large Hadron Collider had not yet been announced, the tau particle had not been discovered, the accelerating expansion of the universe and dark energy was unknown, and the age of the universe was only known to be “about 15 billion years”.

This book is becoming a little bit dated as far as the physics and cosmology it covers is concerned.

La Partícula Divina

No te vas a arrepentir. The book is structured around a theme of the quest for the atomos posited by Democritus, the fundamental uncuttable constituent of all matter as opposed to the chemical atom which is itself a composite particle. Dec 15, Javier Santaolalla rated it it was amazing.

And there’s this one great passage where he rips on “The Tao of Physics” and other pseudo-science books that are written and sold by people who abuse their credentials yes!

Thanks for telling us about the problem. Werner Heisenberg once proclaimed that all the quandaries of quantum mechanics would shrivel up when was finally explained. Lederman conveys with excitement and humor what it is like to be one of two lq three people in t A very lively, funny, and informative book by Nobel Laureate Leon Lederman.

Primera lectura ‘seria’ del verano. Take, for instance, an idea.

Super analogija u odlomku kao sedmi suprug Zsa Zse Gabor: Great piece of science book, hard to understand in moments, but overall funny, vivid and informing book. The first part of the book is a vivid and hilarious historical survey of ideas and discoveries in Western physics from the Greeks down to the present day. You get a hardware-level look at everything from Galileo’s inclined planes, to the earliest alpha-particle scattering experiments to the invention and development of cyclotrons and synchrotrons, and the different kinds of detectors used in them.

So why not give philosophy a little respect? There’s motion, but it’s created by “rolling down hill” so to say, and not by any magical pulling and resistance forces. Mar 17, A. I was wondering if someone on here could recommend a similar book, with details on recent developments in the field?


La Partícula Divina by Leon M. Lederman

Trivia About The God Particle I’m really interested in quantum physics layman’s quantum physicsparticularly when using the discipline to try to gain a greater understanding of the very fabric of existence and how that begins to approach spirituality.

He brings to the layman understanding of rhe profound laws that govern the universe. Why am I reading a twenty year old popular physics book? This theme is traced all the way diina Democritus what little we know of him to the physicists of the Enlightenment, the 19th century, and into the modern era.

An account of the history of experimental particle physics in search of the basic building blocks of the Universe. Lo cual es genial.

Want to Read Currently Reading Read. It probably wouldn’t be so bad if I hadn’t read million history of physics books in the past Dormir quiere decir acurrucarse una hora en el suelo del acelerador Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account.

This book is especially significant right now, inas we are about to see the Large Hadron Collider, the world’s largest and most powerful particle accelerator, begin operation. Very divvina if you want a general description of particle physics. This book translates tons of bizarre mathematical formulas into series of imaginable metaphors.

The author seems to think that empirical science is the only science, that philosophy can be dismissed as dicina of consideration, and that everything existent is governed by the laws of physics, described by mathematics.

I found particle physics fascinating—the universe as creative force—but as the book went on I found my lack of foundational science to be a real hindrance in understanding. The parts written as memoir are some of the most entertaining parts of the book. Interestingly, he writes that it takes a grad student at least two years “to develop quantum intuition.

These are said to divinna the “flavours” of a neutrino.