Explore releases and tracks from Lenny Breau at Discogs. Shop for Vinyl, CDs and more from Lenny Breau at the Discogs Marketplace. Lenny Breau was a guitarist with staggering technique and a mind for innovation, playing with an evocative style that effortlessly jumped between genres. Leonard Harold Breau, guitarist, singer, composer (born 5 August in Auburn, ME; died 12 August in Los Angeles, CA). A revered cult figure in the.

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Using the Atkins finger-style technique he had learned as boy, Breau lwnny simultaneously play melody, bass and chordal accompaniment, allowing him to segue between jazz chord melody, flamenco interludes, eastern ragas and country finger-picking with striking fluidly.

On 12 AugustBreau was found dead in the roof-top swimming pool of his apartment building in Los Angeles.

Lenny Breau

By using a seven-string guitar and approaching the guitar like a pianohe opened up possibilities for the instrument.

He was inebriated when he took the stage lenny delivered a disastrous performance. Rent it or add to your collection.

Full Cast and Crew. The autopsy report concluded that he had been strangled and his death was ruled a homicide. During this time he began intently studying a wide range of musical styles with which he cultivated his unique solo performances and improvisations.

When he was not on the road with Hal and Betty, he worked as a studio musician at Event Records in WestBrook, Maine, accompanying older musicians such as future country music star Dick Curless. Lenny was now left to his own meagre resources to manage a career that was rapidly failing.

Lenny Breau: The Forgotten Guitar Genius | Guitarworld

Lenny Breau dazzled me with his extraordinary guitar playing Later in his career, he began playing a custom seven-string guitar equipped with a high A tuned two octaves above the fifth string, which allowed him to replicate on guitar a pianist’s capacity for simultaneous linear and brwau development.

Lenny dispelled notations of breua you had to be to be a guitar player. The Life and Music of Lenny Breau by Ron Forbes-Roberts was published in containing interviews with nearly people and a comprehensive discography.

By the time he was a teenager, Lenny had mastered the Chet Atkins thumb-pick and finger-style playing and soon became fascinated by jazz. Francks dissolved the group when he was offered an acting role in a major stage production.


The Genius of Lenny Breau is Hughes’ film biography of her father, the Canadian jazz guitar genius who died under mysterious circumstances in Although he continued to struggle with addiction, the next few years were relatively fruitful ones for Lenny particularly in terms of his recorded output.

Promotion and ticket sales were excellent and a large crowd turned out to welcome their home town hero. Along the way, he created bresu techniques rbeau baffled and amazed even the most accomplished guitarists of his time.

He was also a fixture in Winnipeg jazz and folk clubs, honing his eclectic solo style as well as working with other musicians. On August 12,Lenny was found strangled at the bottom of the swimming pool at his apartment complex in Los Angeles. The tracks on his album Live at Bourbon Street with bassist Dave Young were recorded at one of these dates and show Lenny at the top of his game.

Though Breau never achieved commercial success, fellow guitarists revered him as bdeau innovator for his unique finger-style chord melody technique, stunning pinch harmonic runs and wide musical vocabulary, ranging from country to jazz to lennny. This page was last edited on 15 Decemberat The police questioned Jewel and considered her a suspect for a time but evidence was not strong enough to bring charges against her.

You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin. I had the experience of hearing Lenny live as an underage youth sneaking into clubs in the early 70s in Edmonton. Retrieved May 14, His music was captured on a handful of recordings that sold poorly during his lifetime but are now considered by guitar aficionados to be among the most important and groundbreaking guitar recordings ever made: Although he had produced a book with the help of guitarist John Knowles explicating his guitar style and written many columns for Guitar Player Magazine, his unique approach to fingerstyle jazz and the techniques he developed were not being carried on by a new generation of upcoming jazz guitarists, most of whom had never heard of Lenny.

Lenny Breau | The Canadian Encyclopedia

InLenny was twenty-years old. The most enigmatic, innovative and inspired guitarist to ever pick up the instrument… Bill Milkowski. InLenny hosted his own eponymously named TV show, which often featured his by now highly evolved solo guitar work. He recorded infrequently and was as notorious for his substance abuse and self-destructive tendencies as he was for his musical abilities. Only after his passing, through his recordings, did I realize the absolute joy and melancholy of his work. Breau’s fully matured technique was a combination of Chet Atkins’s and Merle Travis’s fingerpicking and Sabicas -influenced flamencohighlighted by right-hand independence and flurries of artificial harmonics.


He had two custom seven-string guitars made, one classical and one electric. His audiences lenjy included top jazz guitarists such penny Pat Metheny, Larry Coryell and Phil Upchurch, who asked Lenny to play on an album he was then recording.

Himself archive footage Rich Aldahl Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends. Lenny was hesitant but lenn went to New York to recorded material for three albums: Chet Atkins in Three Penny. Lenny Breau had the ability to reach into your heart.

Use the HTML below. Updated by Andrew Mcintosh. He showed a particular interest in jazz — his father once slapped him after a show for improvising a jazz part in the middle of a song — and became focused on emulating the style of jazz breeau Bill Evans.

Having never been pressed to take on any responsibilities beyond practicing and performing, his basic life skills were underdeveloped and as an adult he tended to depend on friends and acquaintances to handle the mundane demands of his day to day and professional life. Jazzcountryclassicalflamenco. The dazzling guitar style that so impressed Atkins was a unique synthesis of jazz, flamenco, country, classical and other musical genres that Lenny worked tirelessly to refine throughout his life.

Erlendson and Lenny began playing a regular nightly gig at the Stage Door jazz club where Lenny developed his jazz chops and applied the jazz theory Erlendson was teaching him.

University of North Texas Press. Breau said in relation to this, “I approach the guitar like a piano. Soon after, he was busted for possession of marijuana with intent to traffic a charge later dropped and fled to the United States where his substance use continued while he eked out a living playing clubs in Central Maine. He recorded intermittently, usually in country or solo settings, and also taught and performed.