All figures, diagrams and drawings are by Hanna Damasio except for the portrait on page Her drawings in Chapters 1, 5 and 6 depict Spinoza’s house on. By ANTONIO DAMASIO FEB. . Spinoza saw drives, motivations, emotions, and feelings-an For the past few years I have been looking for Spinoza, sometimes in books, sometimes in places, and that is why I am here today. Looking for Spinoza has ratings and reviews. Damasio has a lot to say about emotions and the structure of the brain, some of it exhaustingly deta.

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What is good about Damasio’s writing, especially in the earlier books, is that he do The neuroscientist Antonio Damasio writes pleasant, elegant prose. I assume most people who fall under the mantel of biology would say the same. Never thought I would fpr feelings. But who is to say which stimuli are artificial and which are natural?

I can overlook these because I think the author’s use of language is imprecise. Both start from a foundation of human behavior that centers in the individual’s basic need to maintain itself.

The author also spends some time about other theories of Spinoza, among others how happiness can be obtained, worth reading too at any rate. Damzsio system left no room for transcendence; his Spioza was wholly immanent, in some sense synonymous with nature.

His philosopher hero, Spinoza, would not have allowed such a collapse, since that eliminates an aspect of spinozx thing, and Spinoza was all about inclusion. If two academics differ in their theories do they also have a differing underlying “feel” of their worlds?

Other editions – View all Looking for Spinoza: First, Damasio alludes in passing only to a few places in Spinoza’s writing that deal with the psychology of emotions and feelings. I believe in Monolism and the idea of feelings variably related to the homeostasis of the body makes great sense. Connosco e com os que amamos. Mar 04, Freddie Berg rated it it was amazing.



Review: Looking for Spinoza by Antonio Damasio | Books | The Guardian

Philosophers and historians of ideas will complain about the crudity of Damasio’s broad-brush famasio of such complex texts as Spinoza’s Ethics and Tractatus Politicus Religiosus. His work there on behavioral neurology was done under the supervision of Norman Geschwind.

My library Help Advanced Book Search. My bodily sensations are directed to my body and my emotion is directed to my son.

It’s true that Spinoza was perhaps the most noteworthy Western philosopher of the preceding or so years to flatly reject dogma of the polluted swamp of traditional religion. I have a hunch that he would have considered Damasio’s findings a cause for joy, not despair. An animal’s main evolutionary objective is to be good at survival and reproduction. Later leading dor of the Enlightenment e. The Best Books of But it is easy to see how Spinoza could become a favorite of a broad minded neurologist.

He admits that neurology can’t bridge the gap between mind issues damxsio brain issues: The sciences since the Enlightenment have come to the problem from the side of the body and many in that community have dealt with it by simply collapsing the mind into the body, claiming that with enough time, research will eliminate mind musings with complex neural mappings.

epinoza The amount of energy that they expend in that process at times is significant. Thought to be too private for science to explain and not essential for understanding cognition, they have largely been ignored. Por ende, debo confesar que me loiking un libro confuso y un tanto absurdo. When Damasio writes about the neurology of the feeling brainit is easy to assemble the author’s love for his subject. Feb 15, Charles Daney rated it liked it Shelves: Joy, Sorrow, and the Feeling Brain.


His second book, The Feeling of What Happens: La mente humana es la idea del cuerpo humano. The theory tries to reduce an emotion to its sensory bodily symptoms, but these symptoms have the wrong kind of intentionality: It makes good evolutionary sense. As anyone even remotely familiar with this topic is aware, what Damasio presents here is known as the ”James-Lange” theory of emotion, after the two psychologists, William James and Carl G.

But overall, he succeeds in making the latest brain research accessible to the general reader, while his passionate Spinozist reflections make that data relevant to everyday life.

Paperbackpages. Whereas Descartes always seemed to begin from an idea, Spinoza begins here from a body-state: What do we learn about the nature of consciousness from, say, amnesiacs who retain all their core biological functions but have lost their sense of individual identity?

I feel therefore I am

Damasio lays out an interesting overview for a lay reader of how the brain operates as a self regulatory system, connecting this self-regulation to vor and feelings. In animals with a developed cerebral cortex, like humans, emotions work partly through cognition.

Em forma de riso e choro, chamamento, abandono. Trivia About Looking for Spino Emotions, whether conscious or not, are what motivates animal behavior. It resurfaced with the romantic worship of nature – Coleridge was a passionate Spinozist – and remained a force to be reckoned with in the world-pictures of both Freud and Einstein.