One of the successful novel series written by author Lynn Viehl is the Darkyn series, which consists of a total of 7 books and 3 novellas published between the . The complete series list for – A Novel of the Darkyn Lynn Viehl. Series reading order, cover art, synopsis, sequels, reviews, awards, publishing history, genres. The Darkyn book series by Lynn Viehl includes books If Angels Burn, Private Demon, Dark Need, and several more. See the complete Darkyn series book list in.

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As was the case in the previous book, a lot of critical srries is revealed in an info-dump sort of way near the end of the book, and the plot strains somewhat as it stretches to join up the various loose ends that have been dangling since book 1. Lucan too seems to have awakened by the wildest of his memories dakryn the lost love, because of the presence of Samantha Brown.

The list of novels published during this period also contain the New York Times bestselling novels of the Darkyn series as well as the Grace Chapel Inn series.

Novel Of The Darkyn Series

On the other hand, Michael Cyprien is depicted as the most reclusive millionaires of New Orleans, who is in the desperate need of the skills of Dr. It’s free on Kindle Unlimited too!

His only hope for rescue lies in Nicola Jefferson, a thief seeking a holy relic-and connected dwrkyn Gabriel in more ways than she can possibly imagine…. Viehl has enthralled readers with her novels of the immortal Darkyn.

The Darkyn are served by the tresorihuman servants whose families have passed their positions down for generations upon generations. It has allowed me to form my own opinions. You are commenting using your Twitter account. Twilight Fall Book 6 9. Notify me of new comments via email. This is what her blog says: A Novella of the Darkyn. The Darkyn were Knight Templars who were infected with a virus.


She hopes to snag an elusive art thief, but soon has no choice other than to join forces with Robin. Let’s just say that he isn’t what he seems—not the first time you see him, or the second, or even the third. In addition to that, the list of novels written by her also include a total of 8 books of the romantic suspense series, which has been written by dwrkyn Lynn under the pen names of Jessica Hall and Gena Hale.

This list also includes the 7 bestselling novels of the bestselling Stardoc series based on the science fiction genre. If you see one missing just send me an e-mail below. I may do some research, light segies though.

The Novel of the Darkyn Series in Order – Lynn Viehl – FictionDB

Dark Need Book 3 4. I don’t even know what “clean it esries means since I haven’t even read the end LOL The immense success that author Lynn has received in her writing because of her noteworthy books have helped her to establish herself as one of the most prolific authors of the new millennium who is capable of writing in multiple genres. I don’t mind if she cleans it up.

Other Series You Might Like. One of my favourite series is the Brilliance Saga vieho Marcus Sakey and it is our featured series of the month. The renegade tresori are also still searching for the emeralds, and they are definitely the bad guys in this book as they stake out Alys’ campsite and make some attacks on her life.

When he sees the loneliness of Samantha Brown, he tries to seduce her by playing with her emotionally. When the Brethren discovered that the Darkyn were immortal, they used the blood of captured Darkyn to begin breeding, raising, and training their own immortal replacements.

Hey Deva, I had not seen anything really but the name on here and plus according to goodreads, it is Darkyn 8. The patient is none other than the multi-millionaire of Viwhl Orleans named Michael Cyprien, who is not an ordinary patient for her.


Search for a book to add a reference. But his nocturnal visits have placed her in danger and brought her between two ancient enemies: On each Page, click on the series name to go directly to my review.

However, the presence of Michael compels her even more. But I just went to her website. All Kyn are extremely allergic to copper.

After the studying the medical condition of her patient, Dr. This is Viehl’s third series to be set in the Darkyn world.

Fang-tastic Fiction: Lynn Viehl: LORDS OF THE DARKYN TRILOGY

daarkyn Stay in Touch Sign up. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Eventually, Samantha falls for the charm of Lucan by getting drawn into the underworld. Every 2 weeks we send out an e-mail with Book Recommendations. Author Lynn also hosts a popular weblog industry called as Paperback Writer, which is updated on a daily basis since the year Let us know – we’re continually adding new authors and characters daily.

S. L. Viehl

Family secrets come back to haunt Reacher when he decides to visit the town his father was born in. Lucan is described by the author as a mysterious man with the well known ability of being able to seduce all types of women. Richard believes that the magical emeralds that provide immortality are buried there, and he assigns Beau to supervise Alys’ work so that he can remove the emeralds as soon as Alys uncovers dadkyn.

When the chase becomes dangerous, both will have to choose between losing each other and losing everything they value…. It was nice while it lasted.